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The following was created by students completing their dissertation in Media Production displayed as part of a Resurface live-event. A Third Place has now been transferred onto a virtual platform and the work below includes a moving and creative docufilm, podcasts, projection, poetic overlay, and photographic content that showcase Resurface as an experience from an insider's perspective, or as 'A Third Place'.

A Third Place is a theme that emerged from Ph.D. research exploring a yearlong Resurface journey - it portrays the social surroundings separate from the two usual social environment of home and the workplace, and in the case of Resurface, one that allows you to explore living out an authentic identity. Research has shown that a safe and healthy third place is the cornerstone for wellbeing progression, and that Resurface offers an environment for flourishing among such a social world, as a means of peer support and social belonging.



Showcasing Resurface core activities, this film has been created as a stylistic monologue, featuring natural sound effects crafted from Bournemouth's vast landscape. The documentary is highly raw and honest, surfacing the reality of the participants' stories and emotions.


Below is an assortment of short podcasts centring on the intimate Resurface experience; describing stories and personal influences from the voice of our members. The audio is accompanied by medium format portraits of each individual. The podcasts feature original poetry by Natasha Leutchford and music by John Magson.



O' the magpie still searches for her lover

And stability can be found

in the weightlessness of water

Each bird and tree and whisper-

Reminders to us, from goddess and god

Not to muffle out the synchronicity

Of their lessons

Dealt like tarot cards to guide us.

00:00 / 04:35



Frost bites the pink

Hands of glory stiffened,

Then warmed by a humble sun

Teaching us the most important lesson-

Remember to listen with

Patient love

and mother Earth

Will kindle your spirit.

00:00 / 03:28


Remember to Breathe


Remember to breathe 

And the world will slow 

to a symbiotic rhythm,

breathe and you’ll have no need

for the electric buzz in your ears

As the birds symphony will pierce

The veil of modernity.


Remember to breathe

And the world will slow;

Blurring the desperation of mind

My ears can detect

The sound of a roaring sea

In the rush of cars hassling by.

00:00 / 03:38


Be Patient

Stepping the morn

With the world I yawn,

The moon staring

As if to tell me

"be patient, for I am teaching you

Of the tide".

00:00 / 03:38


Originally displayed as a projection on two hanging circular screens, this feature explores the two sides of the ‘sublime’; one being the happiness of experiencing nature, the freedom and release of everyday life, the other the mortality one feels when overwhelmed in the world. This video features a monologue by Daniel Edmund paired with a cleansing sound bath by Healing Vibrations Media.


Part the Skies

All is undone and waking

And we must start over and over

A curse, a moon wailing

The poke a needle in the eye

And part the skies

For a clearer mind.

00:00 / 03:17


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