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With wellbeing at the heart of our therapeutic surf, yoga and cold-water community, we offer a lifestyle activity programme accessible for people striving to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, enriched through our passion for nature, adventure, mindfulness and shared experiences.


Resurface is an evidence-based, peer-support programme, delivered by researchers and volunteers in the field of health and wellbeing. We pride ourselves on our passion driven culture of inclusion and purpose, and aim to provide a mood-boosting environment and a place for people sharing similar experiences to mutually connect.


We would love to hear from you if interested in what we do, or would like to refer someone or yourself to our lifestyle club, local retreat, or move & surf programme.


Aimed at Children and Young People with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs, our Surf Coach and Occupational Therapist, Eve Mansfield, offers physical and emotional safe spaces through Surf Therapy for those aged 5-18. This is delivered as a group, alongside a team of dedicated and trained water safety volunteers, or as individual 1:1 session with Eve.


The Children and Young People will benefit respite from negative emotions, gain positive social connections with others, learn to deal with challenging emotions that arise in the surf, and transfer this mastery into daily life. 


Eve is a Level 1 Special Yoga Practitioner and offers Special Yoga sessions as part of the courses. This involves using yoga as a therapeutic intervention to enable those with additional sensory processing / integration needs to develop the ability to self-regulate while developing physical strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and balance, among many other benefits.


The sessions are graded towards each individual's skill / level of engagement. There are multiple steps involved in each session. Turning up and putting on your wetsuit is one that is congratulated. The benefits of the sessions are felt, no matter what level of engagement. If your child/young person would benefit from a less formal style of support, do get in touch.


30+ years


Immerse yourself in an evidence based therapeutic course to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing - our surf, yoga, cold water immersion, and social programme is for those looking to improve their lives through something they are proud to be a part of.


Members will experience weekly beginner level developmental sessions from passionate professionals in the field of mindful surf, yoga, hot-cold exposure, and lifestyle improvement therapy; all while building meaningful relationships.

Take a journey through your own wellbeing with others who have perhaps had similar experiences and connect with them during our social events; here you will experience great food and meaningful conversations. Please enquire below for more information. 


18-30 years


Aimed at young adults wishing to enjoy the year-round benefits of surfing, yoga, and cold water / sauna immersion. Here you can become a part of a like-minded social community.


This transformational journey will allow you to take ownership of a healthy lifestyle while maintaining and developing new relationships. At Resurface, we ensure members have the opportunity to shape hobbies out of what we offer working closely with our partner surf, yoga, sauna, and social providers. Much like our '12-week Local Retreats', you'll enjoy social dining, movie nights, trips to the West Coast, sustainability campaigns and more.


Resurface is centred around health-promoting activities; it is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change that you control. ​ 


“It is like a different world in a way, I step away of the day-to-day challenges life throws at me and into this welcoming community, a safe place to just be my-self, be who I want to be in a way. I guess I can finally be in the moment - people spend so much of their time these days consumed by everything that is going on around them, without pausing and taking time for themselves. Oh and you get to do these super cool activities whilst you’re at it – I mean it’s not every day you get the opportunity to surf, do some yoga, eat good food and hang out with such cool people – it’s changed my life” 


Surfing and yoga might, to many, invoke images of laidback hippies and hedonistic activity, but today, people are turning to the waves and rolling out the mat to help take control of their own wellbeing.

S U R F - reconnect with nature and immerse in a naturally health promoting blue-space environment, experiencing 'flow state' and respite from distress. Surfing can improve your physical fitness and mental wellbeing, and enhance your quality of sleep. It can also build your confidence, reduce negative thoughts and feelings, and improve your overall mood. Explore the ‘International Surf Therapy Organisation’ to gain an insight of the research into the wellbeing benefits of surfing. 

Y O G A - a mind and body practice proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental focus, promote strength, patience and flexibility, and encourage characteristics of openness and self-control. Benefit from a heightened self-awareness and sense of vitality to live your life fully and with sincere appreciation.

Resurface Surf
The Saltwater Sauna (George Cory)


Nordic cultures originated the 'hot sauna - cold plunge' centuries ago, a technique which involves a 15-minute sauna, followed by a cold water dip. Accompanied by 'The Saltwater Sauna', a wood-fired sauna with a panoramic sea-view window, our experience includes music, hot drinks, and trained facilitators, to help you start the day on a high. Join us for an authentic Nordic experience and enhance your wellbeing in a truly unique way.

C O L D   W A T E R - a natural high activating your body's healing powers and revitalising your health and wellbeing. Cold water triggers a flood of mood-boosting neurotransmitters which can make you feel happy, energetic, and active. The physiological reaction triggers an increase in white blood cell production, providing a natural boost to your immune system. No to mention, the challenge itself encourages mental resilience, and builds your self-confidence.

S A U N A - reduces stress and anxiety, improves your mood, builds mental resilience, self-confidence, opens deeper conversation and encourages socialisation and camaraderie. Helps with blood flow and inflammation, boosts immune system, fights chronic fatigue and pain. Improves sleep quality, cardiovascular and brain health, and moisture barrier properties of the skin. Detoxifies the body, reduces stroke risk, protects against dementia, Alzheimer's, respiratory diseases, and pneumonia. The benefits go on...


Workplace experience days hosted at the Marriott Highcliff Hotel - we aim to highlight the importance of looking out for employee health & wellbeing through our adventurous surf, yoga and educational experiences. Facilitated by professionals in the health & wellbeing sector, we create bespoke packages from networking experiences through to team building sessions. We call for companies and business leaders to open up discussions around health and wellbeing and create a work environment where employees feel free and open to talk about their personal life experiences.


Profits go directly back into helping run the therapeutic wellbeing course to help more people whom are struggling with their mental wellbeing enhance their lives. See contact details and enquire now to book! 





We'd love to hear from you. Contact us via the following or alternatively fill out our contact form.  


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